Remember to breathe

I wondered for some time what my first post should be about. Then out of a conversation I had recently with a friend it hit me. I was reminded of the importance to breathe and that got me inspired to write.

Often times in life we face situations that seem to be really overwhelming and if you’re anything like me you often forget to take a minute to breathe; to inhale and exhale. It may seem simple, you may even ask yourself why should you need reminding to do something that is second nature? But honey, we must. Breathe. In every workout video I’ve ever watched the trainer says the same thing each and every time; “don’t forget to breathe”. Often times out of reflex and because of the intensity of the workout we hold our breath with the thought pattern of “if I don’t breathe I’ll stay more focused”. How can you though? If you deprive your body of oxygen it won’t function accurately and the same is true for everyday life.

Try this with me;

*inhale* and hold *exhale*

As you do this exercise, feel the air going in as you inhale and feel the stress leaving your body as you exhale.

Take a moment and just breathe!

Often when we forget to breathe we tend to dwell too much on the problem instead of focusing on the only One who can solve our problems; Jesus. Not everyone may agree and that is ok but from my experience when we exhale and let Jesus do His thing we can find that the problem that seems insurmountable becomes less and less until it is no more.

As stressful as your day might be, as complicated as life might seem right now take a moment to be thankful to God for life and remember love; to breathe.



Photo credit: @la.panthere_lionne

Dress: here (no longer available in yellow)

Faux locs: done by me


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