God still answers prayers

Walking along an asphalt paved road one night I came to a junction. I did as I normally do and looked up and down the street before I attempted to cross the road. Out of what seemed like thin air a red Suzuki swift came speedily towards me. In a split second my body froze but as one would manuever in a game of dodge ball I moved out of the way to avoid being hit. It was that close! As is customary in our culture these days the driver exclaimed shock by hurling expletives in my direction. The car stopped but I believe out of fright the driver was unable to get out of the vehicle. (I’m giving them the benefit of doubt.) No apology was given by the driver, however I am in no way upset with his/ her actions. I pray that they would pay closer attention to the road even if they might be right outside their home. I’m also grateful for the man who witnessed the incident who said kind things and reassured me of my safety. With shaky legs I continued along my journey thanking God to be safe but more importantly alive.

Many of us say prayers and sometimes we don’t fully understand why we pray what we pray but holy spirit drops nuggets into our spirits and he guides us on the things we should say if we listen. The morning of that day I did as I normally do and said a prayer asking God to protect and cover me and that evening he did. My prayers were answered in a tangible way. It might seem simple or even silly but even the straightforward everyday prayers we whisper are heard and answered by God.

We don’t always get our answers right away or we may not get the answer in the format we may think we should get it in. However, I want to encourage you that God still answers prayers. I’m thankful for the reminder that that day provided. Just because you don’t see Him moving doesn’t mean that He hasn’t heard. He knows what we need before we ask but He has told us in his word that we must make our requests known.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6 ESV

So my friend what will you ask of Him today?

Do you believe that He will answer when you ask?

I can safely say that while I don’t always understand God’s timing I know that He does listen when I pray and He is working it out on my behalf. Be encouraged beloved God hears and He answers.



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